ACER, a world leading technology company, envisioned a memorable and environmentally responsible event for its 2023 Climate Lab. Taking place in the UAE at the same time as COP28, the objective was to transform the A1 space in Al-Serkal Avenue into a sustainable space that captivated attendees and highlighted the innovative steps the company is taking to embrace sustainable practices and technologies to encourage consumers to make climate-conscious decisions in all aspects of their lives.

Over a 12-week build period, World Class Events, in collaboration with Sid Lee for project management, and Jupiter VC for design, meticulously planned and coordinated the event management. Together they brought ACER’s vision to life ensuring that sustainable practices were at the forefront of the solution, managing them seamlessly with time and budgetary constraints.

Working in tandem with Jupiter VC’s design team, World Class Events created workshop drawings from the initial creative designs, then sourced and managed suppliers to bring the vision to life. This included coordinating the logistics, freight forwarding, audio visual equipment, security and local crew, along with venue management. As you would expect when working with a global brand, it involved overseeing and managing the extensive branding and graphics required for the event.

Key strategies included prioritising sustainable materials such as OSB (Oriented Strand Board) and recyclable veneers, chosen for their low environmental impact and durability. There was also a real focus on the use of recyclable and reusable elements, ensuring that materials could be repurposed post-event, reducing waste. The supply chain was sourced locally wherever possible. Where items couldn’t be hired in then they were produced using fully recyclable cardboard. Walls were covered using fully recyclable veneers, again reducing the need for single use graphics made from plastics which often contribute significantly to an event’s carbon footprint.

Spendlove Group’s group general manager who oversaw the event management of the project said: “The ACER event was a huge success with high levels of satisfaction reported by stakeholders and attendees alike. From the innovative and sustainable design provided by Jupiter VC, which seamlessly blended creativity with environmental consciousness, to the excellent coordination and execution of the event management by the World Class Events team it was a fantastic project to be involved in.

“The event for ACER is an excellent example of how World Class Events leverages collaboration, innovation, and environmental consciousness to deliver extraordinary events.”

The success of the event was the result of a collaborative effort involving:

Sid Lee: Project Management

JupiterVC: Creative and Design

World Class Events: Event Delivery

Red Peak: Communications from Taipei

Maestra: Scenic Partner

OneLife DXB: Catering

Pekoe: Refreshments

Showforce: Crewing

Through the Eye: Streaming

Solas: Audio Visual Supplier

Areeka: Furniture

Paper Lounge: Furniture