When Ruggieri was asked to deliver the Opening Ceremony for Expo 2017, on behalf of the event’s Organising Committee, they engaged World Class to provide all aspects of the technical and operational aspects of the event, along with their Health & Safety requirements. In the build up to the ceremony, World Class was responsible for the onsite safety, production and site management.

This included the scheduling and managing of production, client, site and safety meetings, along with the production and management of all CAD plans. The team also prepared all the event’s Health and Safety documentation and reviewed and collated all of the event’s suppliers’ Health and Safety documentation. In terms of the event’s production, the World Class team managed the installation and operation of the spectacular firework display and the installation of the huge projection screen which was created using an 80 metre diameter glass sphere, wrapped in fabric, delivered by a team of 16 rope access specialists. The team also managed the lighting; audio (including the broadcast feeds); temporary structures and event communications which incorporated systems configuration and timing codes. In addition, the team liaised with the local police and fi re service to ensure public safety.

The World Class project team consisted of:

John Adkins – Production Director

Chris Woodford – Event Safety Consultant

Mark Boyd – Event Safety Manager

Steve McCalmont – Site Manager

Sam Gilbert – Technical Production Manager

Kal Butt – CAD Plans